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pin studio
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Capital Institute of Physical Education, Beijing, China - Study of Chinese martial arts, language and culture      

Bretton Hall, Wakefield, West Yorkshire - PGCE Secondary Art & Design

Bradford University BA Hons - Fine Art Printmaking & Photography




AIR Gallery, Manchester

Waterside Arts Centre, Sale, Manchester, UK

New Mills Arts Trail, Derbyshire, UK

Chorlton Arts Festival, Manchester, UK

Lush Art space, Wudaokao, Beijing, China

Bermuda National Gallery

Bermuda Society of Arts

Dockyard Arts Centre, Bermuda

Thackray Medical Museum, Leeds

Merrion Centre, Leeds

East Street Arts Mill, Leeds

St James Hospital, Leeds.

National Museum of Photography Film & Television, Bradford

Marble Arch bar, Manchester

Manto’s Bar, Manchester

The Design Museum, Bradford


Residences & Collaboaration


Archimedes Project, Barcelona

Bermuda National Gallery, Bermuda          

Shakespeare Primary School, Leeds                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Thackray Medical Museum, Leeds              

Bruntcliffe High School, Leeds  

The Groundwork Trust, Leeds                                                                        

Temple Moor School, Leeds                     



Teaching Positions


Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College

teacher of Photography and Art. (2008 to date)

Saltus Grammar School, Hamilton, Bermuda    

Royds Secondary School, Leeds    

Bruntcliffe High School, Leeds  

Don Valley School, Doncaster        

Brigshaw School, Leeds

Lee is a Manchester (UK) based photographic artist and lecturer in Art & Design and Photography with teaching experience that spans primary to adult education. Having graduated from Bradford University with a BA Hons in Fine Art, Printmaking & Photography Lee completed a post graduate teaching qualifiation and has spent over 20 years working as an Art / Design & Photography lecturer and artist, including a 5 year position overseas in Bermuda.


Since 2008 Lee has led the the Photography department at a popular College in Manchester on a part-time basis and spends his remaining time working as an independent artist exhibiting, making, participating in artist residencies and running workshops from 'The Pinhole Studio,' an old 45 ft narrowboat, which he restored and converted to a studio space for creative fun and learning.


In addition to a number of more traditional camera based photographic projects Lee gravitates towards traditional photographic printmaking processes in the making of contemporary photograms.


*Photograms are made by placing objects between a light source and a photo sentivive materials, exposing them to light and developing the image using wet chemical processes thus revealing the shadows being cast by the objects.


'My Photogram works seek to explore the many wonderful, strange and surprising things that occur exposing obects to light sensitive papers. By looking a little deeper into the aesthtics of an object revelations often occur. The wonderful imperfections of glass are revealed, the subtle structures of a natural form come to life. I make photograms on both a large and small scale, from shopping trolleys to the wings of an insect. Various methods are employed to create the works, many not commonly associated with the art of the photogram'.

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